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From small town to downtown, Sagewood is here to help solve your problems and get where you want to go. We work in a variety of industries with people from all walks of life. No matter the shape or size of your business, Sagewood can guide your company’s journey fearlessly and confidentially.






Enthusiast Brands attract hyper-loyal followers who often act as the company’s unofficial brand ambassadors. Passionate Internet and smartphone users, these brand fanatics prefer to engage in adrenaline-boosting action, rather than sitting on the sidelines. Outdoor/lifestyle examples in this category include companies in hunting, fishing, shooting, and camping niches. Companies in motorsports and the automotive sectors may serve anyone from professional racing teams or facilities, to individual fans or automotive hobbyists. Extreme sports companies offer products and services to snowboarders, rock climbers, parachutists, and other adrenaline-driven athletes. This category also includes the niche media companies that serve these verticals.

Examples: Outdoor/Lifestyle | Motorsports | Extreme Sports | Niche Media


Colorado is on the forefront of sustainable growing, organic products and related service industries. Best known for a recently-legalized crop and related businesses like dispensaries, grow-ops and edible products, Colorado is also home to a vast range of agriculture businesses including urban farms, food manufacturers, aquaponics companies, even recyclers and green waste processors.

Examples: Medicinals & Edibles | Natural Foods | Sustainable Farming & Manufacturing


From cutting-edge new technologies in the alternative energy space, to traditional oil & gas industrial companies, energy services continue to compose a significant portion of the economic activity in the Western United States. When markets are moving up or moving down…mergers, acquisitions, and growth strategy are regularly occurring in the energy services industry.

Examples:  Oil & Gas Service Companies| Hydroelectric | Solar | Wind Turbines | Related Products & Services



It takes a lot of products and services to get (and keep) a plane in the air. Companies in this vertical are focused on everything from aircraft maintenance and storage to transport and leasing services. Flight schools and continuing education providers land in this category, which also includes products like aircraft, aviation guidance systems, replacement parts, and consumables like jet fuel. Even facilities like small airports are represented.

Examples: General Aviation Services | Parts, Storage & Maintenance Businesses | Flight Schools


Whether your company sells technology, or uses it to deliver your services, Sagewood can help you set a fair price and find the right buyer. We work with Internet-based companies like crowdfunding platforms, app developers and web design firms, and more traditional manufacturers of everything from individual electronic components and circuit boards to gadgets and devices. We’ve even helped eCommerce companies and eBay firms find the right transition partners.

Examples: Web Design & App Development | Hardware & Components | eCommerce & Streaming Media


No business is too small to benefit from professional transition planning and assistance. Small professional firms and solo practitioners like CPAs, attorneys, veterinarians, massage therapists, physicians and other professionals don’t have to go out of business with the retirement of the founder. With both an attorney and a CPA on the team, Sagewood helps solopreneurs transition out of their company on their own schedule and terms, while maintaining the health and value of the brand.

Examples: Accounting | Legal | Medical | Veterinary | Alternative Health